View Full Version : Does the Nikon 150mm SW fit through the Arca Swiss F line Linhof to Arca adapte

6-Jun-2013, 04:26
Wondering whether the rear element of the 150sw will fit through the Arca made Linhof to Arca adapter?

6-Jun-2013, 06:37
why would you want to put a lens that size on a little linhof board anyway?


rear element is 100mm
The linhof sized boards are 96.55 x 98.75 x 2 mm
what size hole is in your adapter?

7-Jun-2013, 07:36
I thought it would be tight. Thanks Vinny. So the 150 ssxl sounds like a more viable option...

John Schneider
7-Jun-2013, 14:32
For the bigger wides (150 Nikkor-SW; 155/200 Grandagon; 165/210 Super-Angulon) you're best off with a 171 lensboard. As the opening in the front standard is necessarily a bit smaller than the lensboard outside dimensions, I don't know if some of these lenses (the MC 210 Super-Angulon being the worst offender) will even fit through the throat of the front standard of a 141 camera.

Peter Yeti
7-Jun-2013, 15:53
If you talk about an adapter for the Linhof Technika 4x5" boards, the clearing diameter of the hole is 86mm. The diameter of the rear element of the SSXL 5.6/150 seems to be 65mm. Looks like this one might work.