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Mitch Feinberg
23-Jun-2004, 13:29
Good afternoon

I need an electronic shutter for a Sinar 8 x 10 that has the following features:

- Works with lenses that fit Copal 0 and Copal 3 shutters.

- Works with a battery power source for location shooting.

- Self winding.

- Can execute multiple exposures unattended.

- Interval between exposures can be changed.

To summarize, I need a shutter that can shoot multiple exposures at a pre-selected interval while on location. I noticed the Expolux system but the Sinar web site is pretty thin about features. Any suggestions?

Much thanks,

- Mitch

Andrew Bush
24-Jun-2004, 11:37
I've been looking for the same thing---I actually only need it for one application and then I will have no other need---the Expolux never worked properly and that's why they took it off the market---also--it doesn't have a portable battery supply---I contacted a company specializing in the production of liquid crystal shutters--which is the only way to go when making shutters this large----it would cost at least $2500 and maybe add another $1000 for battery and remote control---I am still thinking about it--- because I only have one application, the price is a bit steep---if I knew I could sell it afterwards and you think you could commit to buying it afterwards---then I might go ahead and get one made

Dan Fromm
24-Jun-2004, 19:15
Guys, I have the remains of an ex-Royal Navy Shackman Automatic Dial Recording Camera. So what, you ask?

Well, it held a 47/5.6 Super Angulon in a #00 Prontor Press shutter. So what, you ask?

Well, the shutter was actuated by a solenoid.

I don't know if there's a #3 Compur or Prontor or Copal Press shutter, but there are #1s and there are huge Ilex Universal, Alphax, and Betax shutters. And there are intervalometers.

Now stop whining and go design. The techology you need is there, all you have to do is make a few brackets and assemble the device.

Cheers and a hearty SHEESH!,


Andrew Bush
24-Jun-2004, 20:37
Dan thanks for the tip, but I forgot to mention---the one requirement for this shutter aside from use with a 3 inch diameter lens and radio triggering is that it can fire at 1/500th sec or faster--ideally 1/1000th

Michael S. Briggs
24-Jun-2004, 21:03
I doubt that there is any mechanical shutter that the combination of size and shutter speed that you want.

To get a fast mechanical shutter, it will need to be small, so that the shutter blades can be small and light and don't have far to move. You ask for lenses that are in Copal 1 and 3 shutters -- the top speeds of these shutters show what is reasonable. Perhaps by spending a lot of money, a faster speed could be obtained.

Do you intend to mount your lenses in front of the shutter? Or do you want the shutter to serve as a between the lens shutter? The advantage of the between-the-lens approach is that the opening of the shutter can be smaller, which is easier and will allow a faster speed. However, to use some industrial/research shutter as a between-the-lens shutter, you would probably need to have custom adapters made.

One possible source: Uniblitz at http://www.uniblitz.com/. Be prepared to spend $$$.

Mitch Feinberg
25-Jun-2004, 02:38
I do not need the shutter to work faster that a Copal 1 -- 1/125th -- though faster speeds are always welcome. My minimum specs are listed in the original post.

As for Dan's comment, well, that "sheesh" is uncalled for. I know how to house paint but that does not necessarily mean that I want to paint my new apartment myself. I am way too busy to make this shutter, and a full-time photo equipment technician will do a much better job. If you know of someone who could build it, please let me know.

Yesterday I wrote Andrew to look into the liquid crystal shutter. Anyone have any experience with them? I did a little surfing yesterday and they appear to have a low open transmittance, allow a small amount of light even when closed, and may slightly degrade the image.

- Mitch

Mitch Feinberg
25-Jun-2004, 09:56
Regarding that last post -- I meant a copal 3. Oops.

Have any of you any experience with a Horseman ISS-G2 electronic shutter?

- M