View Full Version : Ziess tessar

shadow images
5-Jun-2013, 23:24
Carl ziess tessar 360mm f4.5, anyone have any info on this lens? Much appreciated

Dan Fromm
6-Jun-2013, 05:53


The catalogs at cameraeccentric contain the answers to many, many questions. Look there before asking.

shadow images
6-Jun-2013, 08:39
Thanks, just wanted to see if it was a keeper or not. I'm guessing not

Dan Fromm
6-Jun-2013, 08:57
Lyle, you should ask people who don't have your lens whether you should keep it. You should ask the lens.

Andy Eads
6-Jun-2013, 09:24
I've got one of the recent lenses and it's fun! Wide open on 8x10 makes for super shallow depth of field, nice for certain portraits. It doubles as an objective lens for a wide field telescope (I use an old 50mm f/1.4 lens as the eye piece). I also use it in my classroom to illustrate the concept of relative aperture: just display a 50mm f/4.5 enlarging lens first, then put the 360 beside it. This will generate all sorts of good discussions. But I think Dan Fromm's advice is best. Put it on a board and make some images.