View Full Version : Schneider SA 65 f5.6 and Galvin

John R
23-Jun-2004, 11:59
Awhile ago I purchased a mint SA 65mm f5.6 for use with a Galvin view. I have since aquired an original Galvin recessed lens board. There is a problem with the Copal 0 having adequate clearance within the board recess. There is not enough room to operate the manual shutter control preview button and also be able to cock the shutter cocking lever. I can access either one depending on how I orient the shutter within the board recess. It is not possible to have the board modified due to the design of the front standard. I am wondering if a Copal 00 shutter would provide an effective solution. Has anyone had experience with a similar situation and what can you tell me about the 00 Copal and would it work with the 65mm SA? Would the 00 allow for easy attachment of a cable release like a Degraf with the 90 degree tip? Thanks for any feedback.

Bob Fowler
23-Jun-2004, 12:57
I have a 65mm f/8 SA in a Copal 00. The shutter doesn't have a preview button, you must use "B" and a locking cable release for focusing.

Bob Eskridge
23-Jun-2004, 13:13
Since you have a choice, why don't you consider extending the preview lever forward to gain clearance. The preview lever is held in place by a screw. By making a extender to move the tab forward you should be able to gain access.

I have a some stainless steel extenders that were used for a similar application of attaching WA lenses to recessed Horseman boards. If you want one let me know.

Sal Santamaura
23-Jun-2004, 13:46
Bob, don't part with those extenders. Save them for when you have additional recessed Horseman boards made!

23-Jun-2004, 15:22
I tried my SA 65mm on my friend's Galvin, with a flat board, and it wouldn't focus on infinity, the standards bumped into each other. Good luck finding a solution.

John R
26-Jun-2004, 20:50
Bob Eskridge,

Thanks much for the extender offer. I may contact you about purchasing one but I also have to solve the issue of connecting a release cable to the shutter. The Galvin recessed lens board is very tight and I have to find a good easy way to connect a cable first. If I solve that then I may contact you via email about the extender. Thank you for the kind offer and advice.

CXC, You can't use a 65mm with a flat board on a Galvin, you will not be able to focus at infinity as you discovered. You must use the recessed Galvin board and they are hard to find. Then you have to face the issues I am presently dealing with unless you go to a 00 shutter.

Bob F,

Thanks for the heads up on your 00 experience with your f8.