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Tadge Dryja
23-Jun-2004, 11:59
So I've ordered photo warehouses "ultrafine 125" film for a while, and it certainly does seem like fp4, and the price is great, BUT, for the third time now they've shipped me film that doesn't fit in 4x5 holders (too big). They're nice about refunding and stuff, but they're just too unreliable if half the film I get from them is mis-cut.

Are there other places that do the same kind of thing, buy big rolls of Fp4 and cut them up? (I assume that's what they do). Anyone else had a better experiance with other places? Am I the only one that's gotten lots of mis cut film from photo warehouse?

And a place that cut up HP5 for the same price would be really awesome.

Thanks for any info


23-Jun-2004, 12:14
Check out the Arista Professional line of films from www.freestylephoto.biz which is rebranded FP4 and HP5. Cheers

tim atherton
23-Jun-2004, 12:20
Arista was quite nice, but they seem to have upped and upped the price. Last time I checked, there was only about $4.00 or 5.00 difference in the price of Arista 8x10 and what I can buy actual HP5 for in Canada, and if I took shipping into account, it was about the same.

Jorge Gasteazoro
23-Jun-2004, 12:29
BUT, for the third time now they've shipped me film that doesn't fit in 4x5 holders (too big)

Apparently they are having problems with their cutting machines, both of the envelopes with 12x20 from my last order were also too big. For me it is no big deal as I have a rototrim cutter and I just shave a little bit off when I load. I have been ordering from them for about 2 years and it is the first time I have a problem with their product, so I am willing to cut them some slack. If the next batch comes the same, well then I think I will give John at J&C a call, but I hate to have to do testing once again, I had the ultrafine film down!

Pete Caluori
23-Jun-2004, 13:59

Perhaps they have new staff cutting the film??? They have been very responsive when I order 11x14 and 8x20 film; I specify the exact size and they cut it to order. Perhaps you should consider doing that with 4x5. If you measure a sheet of 4x5 film, you will find that it is slightly smaller than 4" x 5" so if their film cutter doesn't know this and just sets the cutter to 4" the film won't fit.

Regards, Pete

Terence McDonagh
23-Jun-2004, 15:39
Pete, perchance, do you have the 8x20 film dimensions handy? And if so, what did the film cost? I just had a post related to this yesterday. Thanks.

23-Jun-2004, 18:16
I can understand the frustration when recieving film that is cut wrong. I have put in place a system of checks to assure all film being cut is accurate. The issue with cut sheet film is an odd one. Yes that's correct if you order a box of Kodak 4" X 5" sheet film it is really 3 15/16" x 4 15/16'' because the holder itself is 4" x 5" and it will not fit. Some customers have "custom made" film holders and some use the film in a vertical camera which has no film holder and they don't want it notched. What ever the case may be, from now on all cut sheet film will have to get my okay before shipping. Thanks for your comments and business, greg@photowarehouse.biz