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4-Jun-2013, 18:22
As the subject heading states I am wondering with Fuji xray film what is the difference between the different types of green xray film. The types I have seen all start with HR but the third letter might be L,T,S or U and I think the L and the S might also say latitude. We have found a semi local supplier of Fuji xray films but were told they would provide us prices if we could tell them what type we want and to view the Fuji web page for assistance. I found myself much more confused when I left the page then when I started reading it.

We are looking for a film that would work on landscapes and perhaps portraits and much of the shooting will be in pinhole cameras. We are looking at buying 14X17 as that would cut down with minimum waste to whole plate and 5X7. One of our pinhole cameras might even take double sheet of 14X17.

The reason for trying to buy in Canada is shipping and with some companies trying to avoid the high brokerage fees that UPS and FedEx seem to add on. Occassionally their fees exceed the duty, GST they collect and the cost of the stuff itself all combined.

The thread on xray images did not help, too many great images on a variety of films and some are not specific enough. Or does one buy on price alone as the emulsions are not different enough in general photography.

4-Jun-2013, 22:49
Can't help but if you could please post info on where you are looking to buy the stuff in Canada.

5-Jun-2013, 05:03
Can't help but if you could please post info on where you are looking to buy the stuff in Canada.

Christie Group out of their Edmonton office. It was suggested by a diagnositc clinic here in Medicine Hat. 1-800 461 6214. They may also have an office on the wet coast.

Not sure how their prices are compared to the mail order houses of the US

John Kasaian
5-Jun-2013, 06:38
Hmmmm.... I was just thinking that someone should try smuggling normal flow Canadian toilets into the US.
There could be a lucerative window of opportunity here!
Bring a trunk full of Canadian toilets across the border, sell 'em, buy x-ray film and spirit it back into Canada.
Happily flushing Yanks and a bountiful supply of cheap sheet film for LF-ing Canadians---it's a win-win, I tell 'ya!
If caught, have cheese on hand to bribe the RCMP and an exotic dancer because that seems to be the vice of choice of the US Treasury (Customs) employees.
Now I've got this visual image stuck in my brain of some dude with a long beard driving an Adams-esque old Caddy limo stuffed with x-ray film and toilets with an exotic dancer in the passenger seat holding a case of provolone driving back and forth between Grand Portage and Pigeon River.:rolleyes:

Andrew O'Neill
5-Jun-2013, 09:41
Great idea, John but cheese doesn't work anymore on the boys in red.
Redrockcoulee is correct about UPS's ridiculous brokerage fees. I just had 3 of my prints returned from a show in the US. They charged me a brokerage fee!! Since I live very close to the border, I have my xray film shipped to postal outlet in Blaine.
I wouldn't worry about all the different types of xray film, although I am partial to the green latitude stuff. I use 8x10 and 14x17 sheets. Most xray film has emulsion on both sides and requires extra care in handling. Just buy what you can get your hands on.

5-Jun-2013, 10:19
I have no experience with the Fuji X-Ray film yet, but I'm going to order some straight at Fuji Medicals HQ overhere in Europe. I did sent them an email inquiring. They replied quickly and are willing to send it to my company. They first asked if I understood it was X-Ray film for medical purposes and what I wanted it for, to make sure I didn't get the wrong stuff for my photograhy. But when I explained the experiences from people on this forum it was no problem.
I'm going for Fuji Green HRT. I made this choice after reading a lot of discussions on APUG and viewing a lot of prints from these negatives.

These sizes are available:
S-HRT 18x24 cm : 91,48
S-HRT 24x30 cm : 152,65
S-HRT 30x40 cm : 254,31
S-HRT 35x35 cm : 240,77

Every box contains 100 sheets of film. Prices including VAT.
For sizes: 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters (cm).

I'm going to get me the 18x24 cm size for my old Russian FKD plate camera and the 35x35 cm for a wooden pinhole camera I'm going to build.

BTW: if there is someone who would like to join this order, send me a PM.

Bert from Holland