View Full Version : Linhof Select / Compur #2 Shutter CLA + lens cleaning - without a 6-month turnaround

4-Jun-2013, 17:11
I normally like to find deals that do not require me to put in extra time and money with repairs, but it's finally come down to a deal I couldn't pass up on a legendary lens. But it has a Compur #2 that needs service. The shutter I hope needs nothing more than a CLA. It was working fine for a few minutes and then it started only shooting 1-second exposures on everything up to 1/10th, and then 1/25 through 1/200 is all the same. Now after exercising it everything just fires instantaneously.

So who can I send this to and not have a 6-month turnaround. Searching the archives and reading threads shows a lot of people retired or with such a backlog that I may never see the lens until 2014. I have no interest in fighting a service person with that. I have worked as a repair tech before so I know the challenges, but that is unacceptable. Where would be the best place to send it along and get a CLA and it be back in a timely fashion - say 1 month or less?

It's a Linhof Select 150mm f/2.8 Xenotar. Oh, and it needs a tiny bit of cleaning behind the front element for some slight fungus, but it's barely visible in a bright light. I could probably eliminate it with a UV light if I wanted to go that route instead.

Dan Fromm
4-Jun-2013, 17:31
Try Frank Marshman, Camera Wiz, in Harrisonburg, Va.

4-Jun-2013, 18:25
Thanks, I will contact him for a quote.

11-Jun-2013, 07:55
Thanks again Dan. For the record - he CLA'd my shutter in all of two business days! Wow. Great service and reasonable price. Highly recommended.