View Full Version : Alternate Sources of Recessed Arca Lens Boards

neil poulsen
4-Jun-2013, 16:14
Given the expense of 6x9 Arca lensboards, are there sources of not so expensive boards? I'm wondering about existing boards or ones that metal people might create by hand.

I know about S.K. Grimes. Are there other companies like S.K. Grimes that might make one? I'm thinking in particular about 15mm recessed lensboards.

Daniel Stone
4-Jun-2013, 23:37
there are some who have made EXTENDED lensboards using flat boards, bored out and using a section of abs pipe w/ an end cap, have had success with that. Cheap, relatively easy to make(best if you have(or have access, or a friend willing to help) a lathe) and can be just as effective IMO.

The Nikon T500 needs about 14 inches of bellows. It is easy to make an extension tube for a lens board. Get a short piece of 3 inch ABS sewer pipe, some Masonite board and epoxy. Cut a 3 inch hole in the lens board, cut a piece of ABS pipe about 2.5 inches long, cut a piece of Masonite to cover the end of the pipe and a hole for the shutter. Epoxy the ABS pipe to the lens board and the Masonite to the end of the pipe. Paint the inside of the pipe with some flat black paint. For the cost of the materials and your free labor, you have solved the problem.

quote taken from this thread here:

I don't believe it'd be THAT hard to reverse the idea on these. just get small enough OD pipe to work for your needs, and to clear the opening on the front standard.
a flat end cap for the tube should work well too.


Sean Chilibeck
5-Jun-2013, 04:46
I have an Arca Swiss lens board that adapts to a Linhof lensboard, like this (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Linhof-lens-board-to-Arca-Swiss-4x5-Camera-/130908519448).

This way I keep the lenses on their own Linhof boards (one of which is a recessed board), they take up far less room in my bag, the boards are a lot cheaper and more accessible.

Noah A
5-Jun-2013, 06:58
You might at least ask the folks at Midwest Photo. When I almost switched to Arca last year they had new (genuine) arca boards for a substantially lower price than any other store. These were the 141mm boards so I don't know if there is a similar discount on other sizes, but it's worth a phone call.

5-Jun-2013, 07:04
What size lens boards are you wanting as I have some 171mm arca boards that i'm not using and they have varying amounts of recess. I think the deepest is 50mm but I would need to check.


neil poulsen
10-Jun-2013, 03:20
Thanks. 6x9 boards. Thee things are really expensive these days on EBay.

Carsten Wolff
18-Jun-2013, 21:15
Thanks. 6x9 boards. Thee things are really expensive these days on EBay.

I've long since standardised all my view camera gear (incl. Arca-Swiss 171 and 110) to Linhof/Wista boards via an adapter. Smallest and cheapest in the long run if you ask me.
I even managed to put an Alphax #5 shutter in one; you only pay $35 for a new after-market recessed board and I now fit a complete Arca 5x7", a Canham 617 back with its adapter plate and up to 6 lenses into a smallish (Onmi-trekker) backpack.

18-Jun-2013, 21:38
I make various lens boards for the 4 x5 Speed on the lathe and mill-drill.
Usually in Al , but I recently made a light duty one in plastic