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Randy Unruh
23-Jun-2004, 11:40
I thank everyone for their replies to my other lense questions, however I have more! 8 x 10 format, landscape, color and B&W, focus to infinity, opinions on a Goerz Dagger 12" f=6.8, a Fujinon A 300mm F=9, and a 14" f=9 APO RD Artar w/acme #4 shutter?

Matt Miller
23-Jun-2004, 12:33

I use a 12" Dagor in a #4 shutter on 8x10, B&W only, with the occasional landscape shot. Not sure what the coverage is, but I've never run out. I'm quite pleased with it's sharpness & contrast. Mine is around 80 years old and uncoated. I'm not sure (nor interested) how it would do with color. IMO the Dagor is outstanding. I can't comment on the Fujinon. As for the Artar, I use the 19" version, in barrel. I doubt there is a better lens.

Bob Fowler
23-Jun-2004, 12:59
I use the 14" f/9 Red Dot Artar with 5X7. It's deadly sharp, but I don't know how much movement you'll be able to use with an 8X10.

Nick Morris
23-Jun-2004, 14:22
Hello Randy,

Of the lenses you mention, I have only used Dagors, 8 1/4" and 9 1/2". Based on my use of those two, I would think you would find a 12" Dagor quite satisfactory. One thing you may not be aware of is that the Dagor can be used as a convertible lens. If you remove the front element, you can use the rear element as an approximately f12/500mm (20") lens. If you do this you probably would want to use a #15 filter and refocus after you stop down. I'm not sure but there may be some abberation the filter corrects, and focus shift requiring the refocus after stopping down. I haven't used my Dagors this way, but people I know have and thought the results, for contact printing, were satisfactory. Good luck.

John Kasaian
23-Jun-2004, 14:22
I've used a 14" APO Artar on my 8x10---in fact it was my first 8x10 lf lens. Its quite usable and very sharp and does offer a useable amount of movement but its likely to reach it's limits well before you get your bellows in a knot. Right now its found a home on my 5x7 with a 14" Commercial Ektar currently pulling 14" duty on the 'dorff. An advantage the 14" Artar has over the 14" Commercial Ektar is that the Artar is smaller and lighter (which is, in some situations, very nice indeed!)


Jim Galli
23-Jun-2004, 14:58
305mm Dagor and 300 Fujinon f9A if they were = $ I'd have to pick the modern Fuji. It can be used with a single element just like the Dagor although that's never advertised. I have the 180 and 240 f9A and they are possibly the sharpest lenses available for LF. 300 should fall right in that same line. The Dagor for a good price is no slouch either. They are very nice to use for black and white and can be much more forgiving of contrast in shadow areas.