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4-Jun-2013, 14:27
Hi there,

Search as I may I just can't find a definitive answer regarding the correct lens board for this lens on my (new to me) Linhof Super Technika V.

I'm new to large format and the lens arrived as part of the kit but it's mounted to a flat Linhof board, I know this isn't correct I am pretty sure I need to find a recessed 12mm or 16mm Linhof Copal 0 board.

Is anyone else using this lens on the Technika V?

Thanks in advance.


4-Jun-2013, 19:27
Hi Jason, and welcome aboard.

You only "need" a recessed board if the minimum film plane-to-front standard distance is greater
than the flange focal distance of the lens (81,3mm for your Nikkor 75/4.5).

Measure that distance with a ruler. Insert a film holder with a trashed piece of film, remove the
dark slide, and use a ruler to measure from the film to the face of the front standard when it's
racked back as far as it will go.

Note that recessed boards may restrict the movements available at the front standard.
Depending on your subjects and your shooting style this issue can vary from trivial to severe.

- Leigh

5-Jun-2013, 14:35
Thanks Leigh,

I sat down yesterday and looked at the existing arrangement of the NIKKOR 75/4.5 and lens board. Comparing what I have here to images of this lens online I noticed what I would describe as a spacer/adaptor (16mm) between the front of the lens board and the lens.

I disassembled the lens from the board and discovered the board has a 58mm diameter hole which is being reduced to Copal 0 size by the adaptor. I removed the spacer arrangement and fitted the lens to a Copal 0 board from my only other lens. Mounted to the camera I was able to achieve the full range of focus albeit with the lens only just out of the camera body.

Cheers, Jason.

Peter Yeti
5-Jun-2013, 15:34

The Super Technika V and wide angle don't go together so well unfortunately. I love my Super Technika V but using it with lenses shorter than 90mm is a pain in the neck. With the 75mm you most certainly have to lower the focusing bed to get the front rim out of your image. I think this requires either a recessed lens board or the special and hard to find (=expensive) wide angle device. The wide angle device will allow you to lower the focusing bed easily but movements are extremely limited. The recessed lens board means that the front standard sits on the focusing bed tilted down by 15. This gives you a bit more freedom for movements but it's a pain to work with because you already need a lot of adjustments just to keep the lens level and centred. I have a 72mm but I simply don't use it on the Technika because of the above reasons. On the Sinar it's a pleasure to use this lens and make full use of the huge image circle, so, why bother with the Technika. It's sad but true: many way less sophisticated wooden field cameras give you much less of a headache with short lenses.

5-Jun-2013, 17:53
Thanks Peter,

Yes, whilst I've not used it yet I can already see the issues your refer to. I will take the bull by the horns in the next couple of weeks and just get out there and use this thing, make mistakes and learn from them.......:) Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with me, I appreciate it.

Cheers, Jason.

Peter Yeti
6-Jun-2013, 01:12

My pleasure. You will see that it's a lovely camera and great to work with. As long as you don't use it with extremely short lenses you will have tons of fun with it. Enjoy it and make great pictures.