View Full Version : Konica Hexanon GRII cells/shutter compatibility

Ian Greenhalgh
3-Jun-2013, 22:21
Hi folks

I've been searching for info on this subject and failing miserably. All i could find was a very old reference about the 9/300 GRII having cells that would fit a Copal #3.

Reason I ask is I have the opportunity to buy a set of 9/150, 9/260 and 9/310 Hexanon GRIIs at a very good price, but if they are going to be expensive to put in shutters, I might just pass.

Lachlan 717
3-Jun-2013, 23:45

I looked at putting a 260mm in a shutter a few years ago. From memory, I think that it might have been squeezed into one of the Ilex shutters. Can't remember which one; however, it was too difficult and too expensive to pursue.

4-Jun-2013, 01:27
If you're lucky the 150mm should cover 10x8. I use Thornton Pickard shutters with lenses like this.


Peter De Smidt
4-Jun-2013, 04:27
Use slow film. No shutter needed! :)

Scott Davis
4-Jun-2013, 12:32
I have a Hexanon 260 GR II. At one point I looked into getting it mounted in a shutter. It is not a direct fit into anything, so it would require a custom barrel to be made for the lens cells. It would fit an Ilex #5 (good luck finding one), and would probably fit a Copal 3, but the lens cell spacing might be an issue. You'd be talking about at least $1000 between buying the shutter and the custom machine work to have it mounted. You'd be better off financially buying any number of existing comparable focal length plasmats that are already in shutter - a nice Nikkor 240 or 300 or something similar from Schneider or Rodenstock, or even a 12" Kodak Commercial Ektar (which would still be 1/2-2/3 stop faster) or a 240 Wide-Angle Ektar, which would be in an Ilex #5 and cover 11x14 with limited movement.

Armin Seeholzer
4-Jun-2013, 13:06
I love my 210/260mm in front of my Sinar HLV the 210 is a wonderful wide one for my 8x10!

Cheers Amin

Peter De Smidt
4-Jun-2013, 14:04
I have a 260. It doesn't like like an easy fit to any between the element shutter that I know of. With 8x10, I don't need a shutter, and so it's no big deal to me. If I really wanted to use one with a shutter, I'd buy a Sinar behind the lens shutter. It'd cost about what having all of the custom machine work needed to mount one Hexanon lens in a shutter, and the behind the lens shutter could work for all of your barrel lenses.

Ian Greenhalgh
4-Jun-2013, 18:07
Cheers guys. I do want a Sinar shutter, just need to find one at a price can afford.