View Full Version : have a 6" goerz dagor and want to buy an inexpensive used 4x5

Stephen Jensen
13-Feb-1998, 16:25
I have my Grandfather's 6 inch Goerz Dagor lens, in mint condition, and want to buy a used 4x5 camera. I was thinking of buying a Cadet (from Calumet) and doing my own lensboard and shooting at f128, using the lens cap as the shutter. The l ens goes from f2.8 to f128. I was not going to but a shutter as I also do multip le exposure cave photography Any comments?

Stuart Goldstein
14-Feb-1998, 11:09
Skip the Cadet right now. Seems that there's a problem with the rear standard sh ifting when you lock it down. I provide a fuller explanation on the LF home page and in the Q&A under Cadet. So much of a problem Calumet cancelled my order and is giving me a full refund.

Peter Hughes
19-Feb-1998, 00:01
Why don't you look for an old 4x5 Graflex press camera? Portable & relatively in expensive.

Ron Shaw
19-Feb-1998, 15:11
Why f128? I dont know at what aperture this fine old lens is at its sharpest, but would think it would be more like f16-32. At f128 there would be tremendous diffraction, and you will not get anywhere near the sharpnes s potential of this lens. If you are going to do mostly landscapes (cavescapes?), I agree with Peter. A Speed or Crown Graphic is rugged, well made, and quite capable.

Tony Brent
28-Dec-1998, 21:31
Since you say you dont want to buy a shutter, I presume this is a barrel mount l ens -- IE, it has a diaphraghm (or slides for various f/stops) but no blade shut ter. If that is the case then I think your best move would be to look for a Spee d Graphic camera WITH AN OPERATING FOCAL PLANE SHUTTER. Mount the lens and you a re on your way.

If in doubt, remove the entire back of the camera and observe the focal plane sh utter at all speeds to make sure it works smoothly, no rips in the curtain, etc.

You should be able to find one in decent shape for $300 -- $500. Dont settle for a dog -- there are still plenty available.

Check www.graflex.org for information on camera models, tips on operating, repai r tips etc. Very good site for these cameras.