View Full Version : TESSAR Ic 4 3/8 In. E.F. f:4.5

Ian Greenhalgh
3-Jun-2013, 12:02
Hi folks

Just picked this lens up in a rimset Compur for next to nothing. It has no maker's name on it, anyone know who made it? B&L perhaps?

TESSAR Ic 4 3/8 In. E.F. f:4.5


I bought it because I need a couple of #0 shutters but I'm wondering about the lens. 111mm 4.5 Tessar doesn't sound like it will cover more than 2x3 to me, so it might not be very useful, but the shutter certainly will be.

3-Jun-2013, 12:41
Might have been made for Kodak by Bausch & Lomb however I doubt it would fit a Compur if it was, more likely it's a Ross made Tessar 1c.


Ian Greenhalgh
3-Jun-2013, 20:33
Cheers Ian. It's coming to me from the US so I suspect it is a B&L rather than a Ross.