View Full Version : Rodenstock Lense

Randy Unruh
22-Jun-2004, 17:57
Me again! Still shopping for a lense for B & W and color landscape photos with an 8 x 10. Any comments on a Rodenstock Sironar-N 240mm F-5.6 MC copal #3? Good choice? Value?

Ernest Purdum
22-Jun-2004, 18:07
It's a fine lens, but a bit short for 8" x 10". Rodenstock recommends it for 5" X 7". It has a 350mm imae circle, so it does cover 8" X 10", but if you try to use your movements, you'll soon run into vignetting.

MIke Sherck
22-Jun-2004, 20:56
On the other hand, it's a great lens -- sharp and contrasty. One of my favorites for 4x5.

John D Gerndt
22-Jun-2004, 21:00
If you buy it as a Caltar II-N you'll save some bucks.


Daniel Grenier
23-Jun-2004, 08:24
I have such a lens (Sironar that is). It is a fine lens in all aspects BUT it lacks covering power if you intend to photograph architecture or anything requiring more than medium rise. You will be fine if you stick to landscape though.