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2-Jun-2013, 14:51
My newest blog post features an 1842 Voigtlander Petzval Lens

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Jim Fitzgerald
2-Jun-2013, 15:15
Dan, what a find! Congrat's and thanks for the great info! How does one find a #611? Man I'd love to be able to do that.

Peter Yeti
2-Jun-2013, 16:18
That's a beautiful find! But it looks like you have to lock it up in a bank's safe.

2-Jun-2013, 21:25
and race to find one begins

2-Jun-2013, 23:24
Dan ... thanks for sharing ... beautiful ...

2-Jun-2013, 23:55
hey Dan,
do you know anything about scovill lens? i have one with the SN 666.
i never see anything about them

3-Jun-2013, 04:40

I do know a fair amount about Scovill's Waterbury lens. Glad you are holding the devil's landscape lens !

What would you like to know?


3-Jun-2013, 05:34
Nice early one. My earliest Voigtlander is 1855. I like Voigtlanders because of their history of making the first Petzval commercially.

3-Jun-2013, 22:35
well i dont know anything about so any info would be great. its a petzval around 10 inch focal length.
do you have a date for it? do you know where it was made?

4-Jun-2013, 02:51
If its a Petzval by Scovill, its probably their Peerless Portrait Lens, but I would need a photo for a good ID.


4-Jun-2013, 10:38
it is a peerless fast acting portrait lens. i will try to post a photo later

4-Jun-2013, 14:12
The Peerless lenses were made in Europe and imported and sold by Scovill. First mentioned in the July 1872 issue of the Photographic Times (Scovill's publication). Scovill hints at but doesnt tell us who made them..... any guess?

They came in 2 speeds, "standard" which was probably f/4.5 and "quick acting" which was probably f/3.5




4-Jun-2013, 15:16
Actually, there were several phases of Scovill Peerless. The earliest were made by Richard Morrison, who was CC Harrison's forman and a famous lens maker in his own rights. They were radial drives of very high quality. After perhaps a year, none over serial number 9xx if I recall, Scovill decided to get them made overseas. These are tangent drive (there are a few transitional made by Morrison with tangents too). R. Morrison was out of the picture, though he made and labeled his own lenses (mostly landscape) for years. I've had numerous of both types, and the later ones appear to be Gasc Charconnet to me, but just based on comparisons.

4-Jun-2013, 16:16

You are correct about there being radial and tangent drive versions. And ditto Morrison's early involvement - thanks for the reminder. Here is helpful info from an exhcange I had with Milan Zahorcak (well known lens collector) years ago about this:

RE: [woodandbrass] Morrison's "Full Figure" Lens
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The Scovill/Morrison portrait lenses were the Peerless line. They came in two forms: tangent drive which Scovill imported (probably Gasc & Charconnet built) starting in 1871/2; and the radial drive versions that were built by Richard Morrison that also carried the Peerless trade-mark and a very, very few were signed by Morrison - but I haven't been able to figure out which lenses were signed or why.

Here is a radial drive Peerless/Morrison "Full Figure" lens signed by Morrison - the only one I've seen:





20-May-2016, 13:58
I have a new hypothesis. The brass barrels may have all been made by the same company, whether radial or tangent drive. See here: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?114105-1876-Catalogue-pages-for-Scovill-s-Peerless-Petzval-Lens-Line&p=1330346&viewfull=1#post1330346