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Terence McDonagh
22-Jun-2004, 12:25
I've got the 8x20 camera. The film holder (one, for now) is on the way. Now I just need film. I can find Bergger, Efke (on sale at $80/25), J&C Classic and a mysterious "Made in the U.K." (mpex) in stock. I plan to develop by tray or tube using either D-76 or HC 110 and do contact prints on regular silver paper. I've researched the films in the archives and have found that [A] most people prefer Bergger for alternative processes and develop it in pyro and that it is grainy (hopefully not an issue for contact prints), and [B] the Efke is a traditional emulsion that scratches easily.

My questions are: [A] Are any other films readily available (in stock somewhere I missed in the U.S.)? [B] Is the mystery film possibly Ilford repackaged? [C] For my planned development and intended printing, what would be the better film?

I know it's all subjective, but I haven't used any of these films and need to start somewhere.

Philippe Gauthier
22-Jun-2004, 12:39
The mystery film might very well be repackaged Ilford. Their HP5+ emulsion is available in 8x20 format - at least that's what they say in their website - but that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone will carry this size, of course. Good luck and have fun with your new toy. ;-)

22-Jun-2004, 12:54
on FEEbay, there is a guy that sells aero film ( plus-x) in 9 1/2 " spools. he can even have it cut to your size, so you don't have to wrestle with a guillotine in the dark. i've shot a few sheets that i managed to cut before i mailed it back to have it cut down/boxed for 8x10, and it is nice stuff :)

and then there is photowarehouse ...

just a few other options :)


Christopher Condit
22-Jun-2004, 12:54
The View Camera Store sells Ilford itself in 8x20: http://www.viewcamerastore.com/default.php?cPath=29_41

PhotoWarehouse sells some weird stuff in 16x20, which you could cut in half: http://www.photowarehouse.biz/phfilm5.html

Jim Galli
22-Jun-2004, 13:25
I'm using Photo Warehouse www.photowarehouse.biz repackaged 125ASA "Ultrafine" film. It waddles and quacks just like any other FP4 that I also use. Did an actual pay job last Saturday evening with it and rolled it in the JOBO in some Pyrocat HD and it came out perfect. They have to cut that size special for you and it seems to take about 10 extra days for that to happen. They've cut 7X11, 7X17, and 8X20 for me in the past. Make sure you tell them you want it notched for ID. Jim

John Kasaian
22-Jun-2004, 13:41
Add Freestyle's APHS ortho litho film to the list. It comes in 16x20, you can cut it to size under a red safelight and soup it in old paper developer. Speed about ISO 2 or so YMMV. Mr. Photo sells the 9-1/2" wide aerial film john nanian mentioned. He's got a lab that will cut it for you. My order just arrived cut to fit my 7" Keystone F-8!


Jay DeFehr
22-Jun-2004, 13:44
Use the cheapest film you can find, because any one of them is capable of absolutely stunning contact prints, and you can rule them out based on your own personal criteria if they fall short in some way. I've used film from Photo warehouse, J&C, Tri-X, and Freestyle in 8x10 and they're all excellent. Contact printing forgives a multitude of sins, so you can use just about any film/developer combination without worrying about grain, and just about any lens that will cover your format. Enjoy.

phil sweeney
23-Jun-2004, 03:51
I recently ran tests and cannot find any significant difference between the photoware film and FP4. After using it for 7 x 17 I am going to use it for 8 x 10. The price difference is significant!

Michael J. Kravit
25-Jun-2004, 13:55
Call Jeff Segar at the 1st Street Gallery in Boca Raton, Florida. Jeff regularly has special ordered 400TX (Tri-X) in 12x20 and mat have some 25 sheet boxes left.

You can find him at www.1streetgallery.com