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Ian Greenhalgh
1-Jun-2013, 10:10
Hi folks

I picked up one o these massive lumps of glass in a job lot of repro lenses and I'm wondering if anyone has used one of these on a camera before?

The SCHNEIDER G-CLARON WA lenses are sophisticated apo-chromatically corrected ultra-wide-angle optics designed for process cameras having limited overall height, covering very large formats.

The G-CLARON WA is a four-element, four-component symmetrical lens type designed for reproduction ratios around 1:1; there commended range of reproduction ratios lies between 2:1 and 1:2.

With a focusing aperture of f/11, the G-CLARON WA provides outstanding performance at working aperture f/22. Maximum use of high performance of the G-CLARON WA can be obtained if the natural loss of light of the optical System is compensated by suitably illuminating the copy.

The iris setting of the lenses is linear. Angle of rotation from f/11 to f/45 is 12, " for each stop.

The Schneider PDF says it covers 80 degrees/787 mm diameter at f22 and 1:1. I'm guessing it will cover around half that at infinity, so a shade under 400mm.

However I found this snippet of info from Frank Menesdorfer:

But as we know manufacturer is always very conservative with what the lenses actually cover specially with lenses for photography so you don't find yourself in the situation when distortion disturbing your negative quality! Now the process industry has totally different need and those lenses actually must cover sharp edge to edge! That means that this G-claron WA Actually would cover a lot more than Schneider give in their statement! Actually what they say here is that this lens works best on f 22 and than it cover a size 500-600mm. I figure that this lens is good for something like 700-800mm and than the average diagonal would be than a little bit longer too!

So, what I'm wondering, does anyone actually know what the usable image circle is at f22, infinity? I'm guessing this lens would make a good wide angle for ulf but it would be nice to hear from anyone who might have actually tried it.

Oren Grad
1-Jun-2013, 10:52
This comes up periodically. Unlike the regular G-Claron series, the WA series really doesn't hold up well in general use. Here are a couple of threads:



Ian Greenhalgh
1-Jun-2013, 11:12
Cheers Oren.

So, from reading that it seems it will be fine upto 8x10 and will give a little movements on that format but although the image circle is massive, the outer part is crappy so it's no good for ULF.

I might keep it in case I ever get an 8x10 some day or i might just sell it to finance something more suitable for my half plate/5x7.

Michael Jones
3-Jun-2013, 15:30
...So, from reading that it seems it will be fine up to 8x10 and will give a little movements on that format ...

No, as I said in 2008: "I had a 270mm WA mounted in a copal 3 and it barely covered 8x10. The circle of illumination was huge, but the usable image circle was much smaller. The unusable portion exhibited a severe drawing or pulling effect, not dissimilar to an old fisheye lens. "

A 240 may have a enough of the "inner part" to cover 5x7, but based upon my experience, it will cover 8x10 mostly with the "outer part," not a usable image circle.

Good luck either way.


Ian Greenhalgh
3-Jun-2013, 17:02
Cheers for the clarification Mike. It doesn't appeal to me for 5x7 because it's such a huge thing, and a Copal 3 is an expensive shutter to buy for it.

Oh well, I guess I better sell it.

Anyone want a G-Claron WA 11/240 in excellent condition, with flange? lol