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luis a de santos
1-Jun-2013, 09:32
Some time ago I saw an add on Ebay for a 120 roll film back for a 8x10 camera but I can not find it any more.
Does anybody know ?
I am pretty certain it was from China

Thank you very much.


Daniel Stone
1-Jun-2013, 09:35
it was a 6x24cm back, 3 images on a 120 roll IIRC

haven' seen one listed for quite a while now
seemed super expensive($600-800 IIRC???) at the time...


Emmanuel BIGLER
2-Jun-2013, 06:50
Hello from France

Such a 6cmx24cm (3 images on a 120 rollfilm) was on display at the last Photokina in Cologne, September 2012.
As seen on the Shen-Hao booth, all you need in terms of rollfim backs !


Daniel Stone
2-Jun-2013, 11:34

I believe the OP was referring to a "slip-in" style rollfilm back, one that would be inserted much like a traditional 8x10 film holder.
There WAS a seller on ebay who had them for sale a year or more back, they were the same dimensions as an 8x10 holder, but with an extra bulge for the leader and take up spools.
Essentially, a BIG(8x10/6x24) version of the Calumet C2(like the one, below) rollfilm back:


Marc B.
2-Jun-2013, 17:54
You might try contacting 'Badger Graphics;' re...adapting their 'Shen-Hao,' 6 X 17 or 6 X 24 backs to your 8 X 10.

6 X 17 back, $600.USD:

6 X 24 back, $800.USD:

I'm fairly certain a reducing back, with GG in the 6 X 17 or 6 X 24 size, would also be required to use these backs on your 8 X 10.


2-Jun-2013, 22:46
I've definitely seen a 6x24 rollfilm back for 10x8 cameras available in the past year or so, from a chinese website, but I can't find it now. It was the same site that sells the Wilderness 5x7 and 10x8 cameras.

2-Jun-2013, 23:42
Hi Dave,

this would be the Wilderness seller: http://bhcamera.us/wilderness810.php
Haven't seen a 6x24 rollfilm back though ...
only the DaYI 6x17: http://bhcamera.us/dayi617back.php

Best regards,