View Full Version : 8x10 back / Filmstandard

Ruud Voest
22-Jun-2004, 11:16

I am rather new to 8x10 inch photography, so here is a question about my recently purchased Sinar P1 8x10 back. When placing the 8 x 10 back how should the position be in relation to the (4x5) lensboard? There are some black, green and red dots on the left/right displacement standardrulers Do I need those markers to reach the right 8x10 zero-setting? I guess my lens standard has to go upwards. In other words, the lensboard has to move to the center of the filmstandard. Am I totally wrong here??? I was not able to find an old Sinar instructionsbook so your help is much appreciated Best regards, Ruud

R Miller
22-Jun-2004, 12:44

I do not have the p, but the p2 is similar and you have the right idea. I will send you an email.

Best regards,