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Arne Croell
31-May-2013, 07:15
In another recent thread (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?103808-Arne-Croell-are-you-acquainted-with-this-FSU-lens) on a 300mm copy lens from the former Soviet Union or an associated state, an open question was the unknown manufacturer of the lens, or at least a logo that could not be identified. I have attached two images of that logo taken from the lens pics; it shows a stylized Cyrillic "V", i.e. a "B" with an integrated achromatic meniscus lens symbol. Does anybody know the factory/company associated with this symbol? It is not found in the standard web sites showing the Soviet manufacturer symbols, such as http://www.commiecameras.com/sov/index.htm, http://cameras.alfredklomp.com/logos/, http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Soviet_Factory_Logos.

Inquiring minds want to know...

Ian Greenhalgh
31-May-2013, 08:23
I had a look yesterday and found nothing. I'll keep looking. Was there nothing on the data sheet I posted that pointed at the maker?

The barrel of the lens it appeared on is the same as the barrels used for the Lomo process lenses, if that indicates anything?



Ian Greenhalgh
31-May-2013, 08:42
I found this image of the lens in the packaging:



Doesn't the BPO-1 name give any clue?

Ian Greenhalgh
31-May-2013, 08:46
I found another lens with the same logo:


OP-451M 489.5mm



Arne Croell
31-May-2013, 09:10
Thanks Ian, you were busy! I have not seen anything in the document - the last section mentions that the lens has a factory marking, but it does not say which one. It could be on the missing front page of that leaflet.
Now there is an OP-451 lens, 488mm, made by KOMZ. Their symbol is completely different though and has always been the same, it is a "Bauernfeind" type prism with an arrow going from right to left with two reflections in the prism. The same lens was sometimes made by different companies in the USSR, unfortunately. The "M" addition on your example above probably indicates a mount variation; for other Russian lenses it indicates a sunk mount.

Arne Croell
31-May-2013, 09:24
I found two more places on the web describing the lens, but none mentions the factory:


Leszek Vogt
31-May-2013, 12:11
Not sure this is what you're looking for, but there are some fleabay transactions......



Arne Croell
1-Jun-2013, 11:08
Thanks Leszek,

those look like the ones Ian posted. Unfortunately, neither seller mentions the manufacturer; what the lens is and does is pretty clear by now (see the other thread).