View Full Version : Loading fuji velvia 50 4x5

Dwarak Calayampundi
31-May-2013, 03:26
Hi just a question about loading 4x5 rvp 50 the instructions says when the notch is on the top right the emulsion is facing you but that's not true I sacrificed one film actually three as I loaded it as per instructions and did not get any exposure. 96118

You can see the emulsion when the notch is on the bottom right. Not sure if I am holding the emulsion side correctly I have never used velvia 50 before.

Daniel Stone
31-May-2013, 04:06
Here ya're:



31-May-2013, 04:06
ALL sheet film is notched in the same place.

Dwarak Calayampundi
31-May-2013, 05:31
Thanks guys I understand now.