View Full Version : Need help with these streaks across HP5+

30-May-2013, 07:50
I developed some film and noticed these strange streaks across the images. At first I thought that it was the camera, but upon further inspection it was on all 8 sheets that I took that day. They are in identical places across the film, gotta be the film. So I processed a few unexposed sheets from the same box, the streaks ARE in the same place. This one of the boxes that I took to Yosemite a year ago, but never opened it, so its gone through x-ray inspections, at least twice. Any ideas of what it could be? Processed in trays with Pyrocat HD.



Kimberly Anderson
30-May-2013, 08:03
My bet, since the marks are on both the exposed and the un-exposed pieces of film, and the information you provided about it going through x-rays at least twice, is that the film has been fogged by said x-ray machine.

I have heard that x-rays DO NOT harm your film, but I have never believed those claims. I have had my film hand-inspected everytime I've flown domestically or internationally. This is the reason why. Basically I don't trust anyone, especially the claims that x-ray machines don't harm film. Others have had different experiences, and that's fine. I know what I do, and your experience reinforces my belief.

I *could* be wrong, but I don't think that I am.

I think you'd better start with a new box and go shoot. :)