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Frank Petronio
21-Jun-2004, 07:20
Getting tempted again, even though I swore off expensive center-tilt cameras. Has anyone compared the stiffness of the standards between the original (single "L" section) Technikardan and the more recent Technikardan S (three parts making up the "L" section)? Why was the design change made? Would you be concerned about getting an original TK? Do the standards crack or just wobble with larger lenses? Thanks.

Michael S. Briggs
21-Jun-2004, 08:58
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Bob Salomon
21-Jun-2004, 15:18
The new front standard is stronger and less flexible then the thinner original front standard.

Why were the standards changed? 1: From experience it became obvious that the front standard on the original version was not beefy enough for really big, heavy lenses. Especially when using all the tilt or shift. Therefore Linhof decided to make the front standard the same width as the rear 45 standard on both the 23 and the 45. This also eliminated having to make and stock 2 different width extrusions. 2: The original standards had to be bent into a right angle which had to maintain a 90 bend on 2 different surfaces. The newer construction allows Linhof to eliminate this complex bending process and let them use straight pieces that are joined into the right angle. This is faster, results in less waste and is a more precise method of aligning the surfaces of the standards.

In addition early users reported their dissatisfaction in not having click stops on the tilts and swings. These were added to the newer version when they changed the standards.

Mark Vaughan
22-Jun-2004, 02:10
Frank, I recently asked the same question while contemplating my Technikardan purchase. Bob S. helped me to understand exactly what was changed (and why), and, I also was fortunate to speak with a Technikardan user who has owned (and extensively used) both versions. He told me that I would be perfectly happy with either camera (the only reason he bought the newer "S" model was because his original camera was stolen). Since I was fortunate to find an "older" Tecnikardan in very nice shape, I bought it and am very pleased indeed. The camera is extremely well made - silky smooth and very robust. The newer camera may be an improvement, but I'll never need it for any extra rigidity. Good Luck with your decision!

Michael Kadillak
22-Jun-2004, 06:43
If you feel that you need the zero click stops for the tilt and swings, get the S version. The prices of the TK45S is currently one of the best deals out there compared to when I first looked at them in the mid 1980's. If you come across an older version at a good price and condition, it would perform equally well. Linhof equipment is so over engineered that either model will work with the precision and silky smooth adjustments.


22-Jun-2004, 22:40

Get either, they are both good. I think the detents may help you set up a few seconds faster. But I don't use a 4x5 too shoot faster...

At your age, you do have to be concerned about 'stiffness' though...


Frank Petronio
23-Jun-2004, 06:17
Hey Jon - you should be over at the Steve Simmons threads, tossing some gasoline on the fires. This thread is way too classy for you -

24-Jun-2004, 00:08
> Hey Jon - you should be over at the Steve Simmons threads, tossing some gasoline on the fires. This thread is way too classy for you -

Someday, Wank, you will move up to my level of class... until then, get a Linhof and try to make it work...