View Full Version : granview 4x5 wide angle camera

adrian tyler
21-Jun-2004, 00:10
anybody seen or used this thing?



John D Gerndt
21-Jun-2004, 10:35
Save the fussing around (calculation) the cone depth for the focusing arrangement it seems too simple to NOT build it yourself from a 4x5 back and some decent birch plywood! (I believe the helical focusing apparatus can be had from Rodenstock.)


tor kviljo
23-Jun-2004, 01:43
It does the same thing a Chrown Graphic does (i.e. about rigid 4"x5" w/built in finder w/paralax compensation, inner track linked to outer track for focussing very wide angle lenses - the CG had it all), at a much higher price, but without being collapsible and without the rising front + a few smaller movements of the CG.... Only place I can see the use of a non-collapsible/no movement 4"x5" or larger is for aerial photo where the camera is prone to take a beating now & then, and where precise setting for infinity focus is most important. Otherwice, looks cool - hopeless to pack compared to other LF.. There allready is a better quality Granview-type camera out there: the all-metal (light-alloy) early Linhof Aero Technika 45 fitted with lens in helicoid mount (fitting helicoids is/were sold by Schneider & Rodenstock with distance scales for many of their lenses), very good double handles, exchangable front-cone, Linhof lens panels, rotating (Technika) graflok-back & superb multifocus (90 - 360mm) paralaxcompensated viewfinder.