View Full Version : Intermediate enlarging for Platinum-Palladium using Pyrocat

28-May-2013, 05:37
I am starting with palladium/platinum printing but only have 4x5 negatives which I find to be small for contact printing. To overcome this I opted to use intermediate B&W duplicating filme (ultrafine continuous tone). My typical workflow is to process negatives for Pd/Pt using Rodinal (R09), enlarge to 11x14 and then print. However, I am trying to move on to Pyrocat HD, which I have already ordered from the photographers formulary. I guess the main advantages of using Pyro for Pt/Pd would be lost in this workflow since the stain would only change the duplicating film with no direct impact on the print (only indirect).
I know I will have to try it myself, but was wondering if anyone has already tried and what possible caveats could there be, or if it is even possible to use Pyrocat HD to develop the duplicating film instead of the usual paper developer (in my case, Neutol). Thanks!