View Full Version : Having a hard time with my imac. New Monitor?

28-May-2013, 03:19

I'm using an imac 24" 2010 calibrated to 80 cd/m2 with the Colormunki Display but the brightness of my color prints (used ICC profile from online vendor) matches when I turn down the brightness of my imac to almost zero. I've been reading all articles online about 'how to use an imac for photography' and I'm slowly giving up. :(

1. Would I able to to match the brightness of my prints and monitor if I use a monitor such as Dell U2412M using colormunki display? I'm on a budget but willing to spend a little more.

2. Can I connect my imac to Dell U2412M with this Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adaptor? I'd like to use them both. It sounds like it but has anyone done it?



28-May-2013, 08:26
I've been searching and someone wrote that a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable should work better and I'm moving towards U2410. $399 for 96% adobe rgb sounds good deal.