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27-May-2013, 17:34
I picked up a Super Graphic awhile ago, and am looking to expand the range of lenses I have for it.
At the moment, I have a 127mm f4.5 Polaroid lens (I think it's actually a Rodenstock Ysaron), and a Kodak Commercial Ektar 8.5" f6.3 which is producing some very nice pictures.

I was looking to pick up a wide angle for landscapes, and a roughly 300mm equivalent.
I was thinking a 12" Commercial Ektar, sticking with the Kodak portrait lenses given what I've been able to get with the 8.5". My favourite portrait lenses in 35mm are 85mm and around about 135mm.
As for wide angles ... recommendations would be great.

Ivan J. Eberle
27-May-2013, 17:57
I never did warm up to the SG I once owned for not finding it very useful for WA. I have a 90mm Nikon SW f/8 that I really like but found focusing with anything shorter than about a 100mm on the SG is a pain because the inner rail isn't mated to the focusing track. So it's either push-pull focus, or get a lens helical to mount your WA into for the SG (with no lock-down of the lens standard in the inner rail possible in either case.)
In fairness, thought the SG was a fairly nice camera overall despite this glaring shortcoming.

27-May-2013, 18:23
It's a very nice camera, but best when used with the lens/cams that it came with.

Mark Sampson
28-May-2013, 09:17
Hmmm. Can't remember if the Super Graphic has long enough bellows to focus a 12" lens. And the Ektar comes in an Ilex #4 shutter, probably too big for the Graphic lensboard.

thomas ciulei
29-May-2013, 15:05
nice little wide angle is the schneider angulon 90mm in synchro-compur shutter.
single coated and "only f 6.8", it should fold up within the camera, at least in the SG it does.
got mine around 100-120 EUR, check it out
and read this below



Jim Andrada
29-May-2013, 22:05
I use a 300mm Repro Claron on my SG - works OK

I also wonder why they didn't keep the internal focusing rails like the Crown. I think using the rails to lock the camera closed is a seriously dumb idea.

30-May-2013, 07:26
I'll definitely check out the Angulons, though I was kind of leery because I heard prices were going up due to the Travelwide getting off the ground and therefore resulting in lots of people snapping up Schneider's Super Angulons.