View Full Version : Brown stains on 35mm Tri-x

27-May-2013, 15:14
I have been developing B&W films (35mm, 120, 4x5) for years now. About 4 years ago, I tried Pyrocat HD and mixed the working solutions in the same rubbermaid bottle that use for all different developers. About 3 weeks ago, I used Pyrocat HD on a test roll to figure out if it was still working. It turns out that it is no good.

I clean up the working developer bottle thoroughly immediately after I am done. Since then, I have developed bunch of 35mm rolls using xtol and rodinal (in 35mm plu-x, and Acros in 120). No problems.

Last night, I developed a roll of Tri-x 35mm using xtol 1:1 and it has light brown stains. Could this be remnant Pyrocat HD? I am confused. How can other perviously processed rolls have no indication of any stain but Tri-x clearly showed evidence of brown stain.

I guess I should use separate mixing containers for working developer solutions from now on but I wanted to hear if anyone else had experienced this.

Thank you.

28-May-2013, 05:26
The development was good besides the stains?

Are the stains all over or in certain areas? Brown stains sounds like fixer problems. If so, the staining should be worse in areas where the fixer has to work harder.