View Full Version : Lens Image Circle Chart From Linhoff Book

Bernice Loui
27-May-2013, 10:17
This chart could be of interest for those who are curious about these vintage lenses..



Ian Greenhalgh
27-May-2013, 10:29
That's very useful, cheers!

Bob Salomon
27-May-2013, 11:22
You notice how they spell Linhof on the bottom of the chart? Linhoff was a camera repair station in MI. Linhof is a camera manufacturer.

27-May-2013, 13:11
Ideally we'd to know the exact lenses referred to as they do differ. Linhof used the CZJ Tessars and then switched to Opton Tessars, the 150mm Xenar was made as an f4.5 (in a Compur #1 and f4.7 in a Compur #0.

And then the CZJ 165mm Tessar was made as f2.7, f3.5. f4.5, f5.3 and f6.3 versions all with different coverage. There's also an issue of whether the coverage of say a Tessar compared to a similar Xenar is the lens manufacturers figures or a third parties.

All information is useful, and in the end practical experience is more important, I use my Xenars and Tessars :D