View Full Version : Aperture scale for 360mm F9 APO Ronar / Copal 3

Dave Tolcher
27-May-2013, 09:21
I am looking for a scale for a barrel lens that I am fitting to a shutter I have. I have contacted SKG to see if he can supply but could anyone who has one either copy the scale or take a picture and post to me please.

Many thanks


Ed Bray
27-May-2013, 09:28
Yep, I've got one, I'll copy it after the football and send it over.

Did you get my PM? Can you sort something for me?

Dave Tolcher
27-May-2013, 09:39
Great, many thanks

Dave Tolcher
27-May-2013, 11:58
Still looking as Ed's is a compur 3