View Full Version : 2nd batch of 4x5 E-6

Calamity Jane
19-Jun-2004, 19:43
Whal, I shot another batch of 6 sheets of E100G 'n' ran 'em thru my Agfa Process.

One frame I screwed up - when I pulled the slide, the holder started to pull out of the camera - OOPS!

I had one other transparency that I donno what happened - it's got a dark semi-circle right in the middle of the notched edge, right where me thumb would have been when I loaded or unloaded the film. If'n it was my fingers, why only on one sheet? I loaded and unloaded all 6 sheets at the same time and the others are all fine.....

I'm happy with my Combi tank (although it takes nearly a minute to dump one chemical and load the next), the E100G and Agfa produce a nice slide, and, as for 4x5 transparencies . . .

W O W !!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't got much "interesting" to shoot but just shootin trees and clouds on 4x5 is strinking!

Methinks the investment of a few hunnert dollars in me home-made camera with the E-bay lens is gonna lead to a MAJOR expense in film and chemicals :-)>

Jim Rice
19-Jun-2004, 22:14
As I have said before, you ARE doomed. 4x5 trannies are a sight to behold, for a fact.

Ralph Barker
20-Jun-2004, 00:41
Almost as much fun as shooting a Winchester, eh? ;-)

Glad to hear your film is (mostly) coming out OK. If that semi-circle is shaped like a thin crescent moon, it may be that you buckled the film during loading. Hard to say without actually seeing the film.

Louis Jensen
20-Jun-2004, 16:27
When developer is added to or removed from the CombiPlan tank through the small spout the film is sometimes over developed in the area by the spout. I add and remove the liquids after taking the lid off the tank and removing the film rack. This has to be done in the dark, and it prevents excess agitation of the developer.

tor kviljo
23-Jun-2004, 01:27
Welcome to the wonderful world of LF trannies! - Now, just imagine how a 8"x10" trannie look on the light box..... Interesting to hear that You use a Combi-Plan tank for reversal/E6 processing. Using 1.2 litres (if I recall right)for every batch (6 sheets) of 4"x5", it's rather expensive on chemicals compared to a Jobo tank with (6-sheet) 2509N reel (0.5 litres or so for smallest tank). I have used the Combi-Plan when travelling, but only for b&w - very nice tank as the dev. rack doubles as drying-rack.. but for Your (hopefully) continuous interest in LF reversal developing, You will find that You save the extra money for a Jobo tank rather fast due to savings in the rather expensive developer, and chemical flow in a rotating jobo-tank is a bit more uniform than in the Combi-Plan. You can use the Jobo tanks for hand processin (not using a jobo-processors) as easy as the Combi-Plan tank. Good luck!