View Full Version : Binocular or right angle hood for 4 x 5

Rob Rielly
2-Jul-1999, 13:47
To do copy work, I have been mounting my Zone VI 4 x 5 (newer model) on my Bench er Copymate II stand. Since I do not have a right angle finder, I usually plac e the copy stand on the floor so I can focus looking down. It would be preferab le to keep the stand on my bench and use a right angle type of finder as I do wi th my Pentax 67 and other cameras. The only binocular or right angle type of fi nders on the market seem to be for the Cambo/Calumet cameras. I doubt if these fit without modification on the Zone VI. Has anyone attempted this, and if so, with what success? Does anyone know of a generic or brand type that either fits or could easily be adopted? Thanks for the help. Regards, Rob Rielly e-mai l to ArtFlic@aol.com

Robert A. Zeichner
25-Jul-1999, 11:19
I modified exactly that brand of right angle hood to fit my Horseman 45FA. I machined off a few thousandths of plastic where the top and bottom (5" sides) meet the ground glass and attached some velcro tabs to hold it onto the back of the camera. It hasn't fallen off yet and works great.