View Full Version : Night Vision: ATN Viper: Any use for RA4 paper?

Ed Bray
25-May-2013, 10:47
I am thinking of getting a night-vision monocular goggle, I have been looking at the ATN Viper as Ken Lee has had good results with this:

Just curious as to whether it would be any good for RA4 paper if I use my 2x Wotan Duka 50 safelights aimed at the ceiling on their lowest setting (which is RA4 safe) would it intensify the minimum light level to a better level for working. (With the IR turned off)?

26-May-2013, 00:23
I've not got one (too expensive) but I've seen reports here that it works fine. You can (must? I don't recall) with a bit of soldering replace the LEDs on the front with longer-wavelength versions (950nm?) which will be safer for colour paper and still register on the CCDs OK.