View Full Version : UV lightning for Kallitype printing

norm the storm
25-May-2013, 06:06
Hi everybody

I'm interested to explore kallitype printing in 11 x 14 format. I'm a newbe with this format.
It is supposed to use a UV light for kallitype printing. I'm looking for a UV device to do it but I don't know what to buy and where and how much to pay.

Any advice will be appreciated

Kind regards

Jim Noel
25-May-2013, 07:21
There are several sources on the web with directions for building a UV source exposure unit. One such is Sandy King's new web site.
Also look for UV - CFL bulbs. "The Bulbman" probably sells them. For 11x14 four of them are sufficient. Then all you need is to build a box holding screw-in receptacles and a contact printing frame.

MIke Sherck
25-May-2013, 07:22
You really ought to do some research before you start spending money on things like this. The Internet has all your answers, if you make a determined search for them. UV light for printing can come from the sun, if you live in a sunny place, or there are both manufactured UV light sources as well as plans to make your own. Manufactured light sources are expensive; try the Bostick and Sullivan web site for an example at http://www.bostick-sullivan.com/. Making your own is not difficult and much less expensive; there are a variety of options on the internet.


26-May-2013, 10:22
UV Exposure units for screen printing or plate making can be got on Ebay for a few hundred bucks. I've heard these are used by many alt process printers. I'd have to agree with the earlier comments to first do some diligent searching on the Internet for relevant info.

FYI - It will take longer than five minutes with Google, or a couple forum thread posts to understand the fundamentals you need to start printing with a UV exposure source.