View Full Version : Cambo monocular viewer compatibility

25-May-2013, 05:28
Hi guys, I've asked a similar but slightly different question before.

I currently own a Super Graphic camera and have a Toyo 45cf on the way that I bought from a forum member. I'm looking at monocular viewer options

I am aware of the Chinese made folding ones which are relatively pricey at $300 but have no awareness of their usability or quality.

A cambo monocular viewer with attached groundglass back can be attached to the Super Graphic upon unclipping the Super's GG back.

My dilemma is this, I will more than likely only keep one 5x4 camera and would happily sell the super graphic if I thought the Cambo viewer plus GG back option would also work on the Toyo 45CF. Does anyone know if the backs are similar/compatible?

The cambo setup definitely works on the Super, as I was in discussions with a forum member to buy their setup that they use with a Super.

Finding out for definite would really help as I need to thin out the gear, have made some bad buying decisions previously and not keen to repeat. I'm aware of the Toyo binocular viewer, but it's this cambo arrangement I'd like to know for certain about, and if anyone knows of a cheapish monocular viewer that will fit the Toyo, I'd be pleased to hear from you, thanks, D