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Emil Schildt
25-May-2013, 03:06
sorry for being ignorant, but is this really possible?

An Apochromat-Tessar 117cm (1170mm) F2.5...

On auction in a few days...

EDIT: CRAP - I just read on the lens it is F12.5.....

moving on...

25-May-2013, 04:31
Still, it might be a fun lens at the right price if you've a big enough camera. The largest Series Ic Tessar (f/4.5) I know of has a 500mm focal length.

alex from holland
25-May-2013, 22:39
Where can i find it?

Emil Schildt
26-May-2013, 01:31
sorry - wrong post..

26-May-2013, 13:08