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Alan Barton
18-Jun-2004, 19:11
I have heard that the longer Artars (and red dot versions)-longer than 890mm- did not come in shutters. Can anyone confirm/refute this? Also has anyone put such a lens into a new shutter?


Alan Barton

Jay M. Packer
18-Jun-2004, 20:01
The good folks at S.K. Grimes have successfully inserted a 42 inch Artar into a #5 shutter; see


Looks like the beast would require a sturdy front standard, and the photographer would need really long arms.....

Michael Kadillak
18-Jun-2004, 21:50
Although Goerz sold many of their Red Dot Artars in shutter, I am not aware or them doing so in any of the longer focal lengths (30" +).

Putting a massive optic like a long Red Dot Artar in any shutter can be done with some machining at a cost of around $700+. However, I would offer a much less expensive albeit as effective alternative as a front mounted Packard shutter at less than half the cost. Lets face it. These lenses are not regularly used on anything smaller than 11x14 and as a result, reciprocity is your middle name in the f90 domain and 50-100 ASA film. So why even spend the money to attain less than one second exposure when you will seldon will need it. A good bulb and a second hand on your watch and you are good to go. That is what I am doing with my 35" Red Dot Artar.

Lee Filter will custom make polyester B&W filters for you in any size you need at a reasonable cost. Save your money for what you really need in these ULF formats - film.


19-Jun-2004, 23:02
I have a 42" Red Dot Artar in an Ilex #5 Shutter and a 35" Red Dot Artar in Copal #3, both put in shutter by machine work from S. K. Grimes. Both lenses are very heavy and would indeed benefit from a sturdy front standard or use of a monopod under the lens.

Michael' s suggestion to use a front mounted Packard is very practical and will save you a lot of money. These long lense are items that you will not use very often, and when you do you will be using them in conditions that will require fairly long exposures. Even a lens cap might serve well with lenses of this focla length in the great majority of conditions.