View Full Version : Printing Paper Storage

Nick Morris
18-Jun-2004, 12:06
This may be a simple and basic question, but one I have: is it appropriate to store printing paper in the freezer? I'm planning to get a small chest freeszer to store film, and wondered if storing some paper that I don't use often would be a good idea. I plan to wrap the boxes in plastic wrap to keep mositure out, but is that sufficent? Thank you.

18-Jun-2004, 12:48
Yes. And yes.

ronald moravec
18-Jun-2004, 13:18
Been doing for years as with film. Works great. Seal well especially for a self defrosting freezer.

Calamity Jane
18-Jun-2004, 17:11
Hummm, never thought of keepin paper in the fridge (though I store all my film there).

I just used some Kodak B&W paper that's been just stored in a cupboard since about 1987 and it works fine.

. . . wish I could keep chemicals that long ;-)