View Full Version : LF lens mounting in Chicago area?

michael Allen
18-Jun-2004, 09:25
Can anyone recomend a reputable store that can mount LF lenses in the Chicago area?

ronald moravec
18-Jun-2004, 10:07
Calumet used to do this. Give them a call.

Bob Salomon
18-Jun-2004, 10:31
Helix can also help you as can Central Camera and ABC Camera Brokers in Buffalo Grove.

Leonard Evens
18-Jun-2004, 11:11
Calumet can certainly do it. They are relatively easy to get to by car. You get off the Kennedy at Division and go east to Cherry Street. Parking is no problem. But I would pick the time I go carefully since the Kennedy is often a parking lot. They also have a Bensenville store, but I don't know if they do repairs on the premises there or send things into Chicago.

Just what do you want to mount? It is not hard to mount a lens in a lens board if you have a spanner wrench. You can get wrenches from a variety of sources, including Calumet. There is a discusssion about how to do it on the large format web site.

Frank Petronio
18-Jun-2004, 12:15
Bob Watkins at Precision Camera Works in Niles (www.precisioncameraworks). He used to work for Sinar and is now the Arca-Swiss authorized service provider (although he works on everything but wooden cameras.) A real pro.

Daniel Blakeslee
19-Jun-2004, 04:36
Jeff Trilling at Calumet's Cherry St. store can surely do it. He knows more about large format than anyone else I know. He used to own a small store in Chicago where he sold at least 50% large format.

David R Munson
20-Jun-2004, 01:58
FWIW, Calumet is just a 10-min walk from the North & Clybourn stop on the Red Line, so if you're going there in person and would rather not drive, you can do it that way.