View Full Version : Schneider Xenar 13.5 cm f/4.5 with dial Compur

Mark Schumann
30-Jun-1999, 23:31
I recently purchased a Certotrop folding plate camera with a Schneider Xenar len s marked 13.5 cm f/4.5 with a dial Compur shutter. The serial number on the len s is 172349. The serial number on the shutter is 41591. The shutter speeds are f rom 1 sec to 1/200 sec. The film format is 9 X 12 cm. This camera is in remarkab le condition and comes with a German military case. It was made in approximately 1929. The lens was made around 1927. I really bought it for the lens. The shutt er is sticking at slower speeds which I know is normal for a shutter that has se en no use for decades. The lens has no marks on it, but it does need a good clea ning on the inside. My question is does anybody know anything about this lens? D oes it have enough coverage for 4 X 5? I think it will. And if so, what is the q uality of the lens? I work only with color transparency film. So I do know the n oncoated lens elements may not yeild optimal color results. Also, does anybody k now the value of this lens in it's present condition? I am considering having it serviced. Because it would be a shame to let a very fine example of a classic lens just sit idle.

Ron Shaw
2-Jul-1999, 11:15
I use an uncoated lens often, and I shoot chromes as well. I do notice a lack of contrast in backlit situations compared to a coated lens, but for non backlit shots, color performance is quite usable. Very saturated. (I shoot mostly Provia). Send the lens to Steve Grimes for a CLA. It probably wont give large movements, but for most landscape stuff, it will probably work just fine.

7-Apr-2010, 02:33
Hi guys,

I recently got one of these on ebay for 50. I have a 6x9 roll film back which is what I plan to use it with, but wondered how you got on with "full frame" 5x4inch?:)