View Full Version : How to clean a ground glass ?

22-May-2013, 10:21
Well, the title says: how do you clean a ground glass without damaging it ? I have one with some fingerprints, another one with some stains, etc .. (I just got some from the Surplus Shed, cheap and ok, but a bit dirty).


Jon Shiu
22-May-2013, 10:24
You can clean it in the sink with dish soap and a sponge. Wear gloves. Rinse and drip off and then dry in a bath towel.


Otto Seaman
22-May-2013, 10:24
Regular household window cleaner works fine. If you have a ground glass where someone drew grid lines with a pencil you may have to redo them eventually. Just use a pencil.

If you have a fresnel lens made from plastic or wax then don't.

22-May-2013, 10:25
Warm water and washing up liquid, followed by glass cleaner, I use a UK product used in the glaas industry "Nilglas" but it's very similar to screen was used for cars.


22-May-2013, 10:27
As others have already said, dish soap and hot water. Perhaps some windex....clean it just as you would clean glass.

22-May-2013, 10:37
If it's not too dirty I just use a microfibre cloth and maybe some lens cleaning fluid or windex.

22-May-2013, 10:42
Give yourself a gift of Invisible Glass (http://www.invisibleglass.com/), the best window cleaner made. I don't know what is in it, but it cleans without leaving any smears or haze.

Use a new microfiber cloth.

22-May-2013, 12:14
But don't wash a Deardorff GG.

Drew Bedo
22-May-2013, 14:04
I am vaguely aware that some GG/Fresnel assemblies are joined with a wax . . .what cleaning technique is advisable in this case?