View Full Version : Source for lens flanges other than SK Grimes?

Don Dudenbostel
21-May-2013, 13:28
I have no problems with SK Grimes other than they are extremely back logged and it's 5-6 weeks to get anything done. Are there any alternatives to Grimes for lens flanges? I have a Darlot 13" Petzval without the flange which would have roughly a 4 inch thread diameter. Seems like all the repair shops are about the same backlog. Is there that much work or have they cut staff to the point they can't meet demand?


21-May-2013, 13:44
I would check with local machine shops.

Ken Lee
21-May-2013, 13:47
Ditto. I've had some larger lenses mounted that way. They had a staff person do the work after-hours and gave me a price up-front.

That being said, I just had something non-trivial done by Grimes. It was worth the wait, and virtually no explanation was needed.

Don Dudenbostel
21-May-2013, 13:53
I like Grimes work but would rather spend my time using my equipment rather than sitting in a machine shop. I'll check local sources.

Henry Ambrose
21-May-2013, 14:27
Don, I can probably help you with this. I've made a few odd flanges for members here. PM or email me if you want.

Don Dudenbostel
21-May-2013, 14:34

I spoke with a local machine shop that I'm going to see tomorrow but if that doesn't work out I'll drop you a line. Good to know there are sources on LFF.

Just noticed you're in Nashville. I live in Knoxville and could drive it over. My son lives there and my wife and I are in the Arts Company gallery so it gives us a good excuse.


neil poulsen
21-May-2013, 20:41
I've had work done by a local metal worker (versus machinist?), and he'd done an excellent job.

23-May-2013, 00:34
I asked SK Grimes for an 85x0,75-105x1 adapter to use 105mm filters on my Apo Ronar CL 600/9. The price asked was OK, but I had to wait 5-7 weeks, plus shipping time. I asked a guy in Portugal (I got his contact here from Emmanuel Bigler) and Im waiting for his answer. If the time to wait is similar, Ill order from SK Grimes.