View Full Version : Deardorff aficionados: Is any of this information accurate?

Jonathan Barlow
21-May-2013, 08:38

I'm not interested in buying this camera, but I am interested in its history. I've never heard of a Deardorff V11 "Marine edition, made for the US marines during WWII." Is this seller just making this stuff up to sell the camera or did Deardorff really have a contract with the US government during World War II?

I know about the 1952 Air Force V8 (I own one) but I've never heard of this version.

E. von Hoegh
21-May-2013, 09:26
I don't recall the details, but yes, Deardorff did make an 11x14 for "shore photography", used by the U.S. military in WWII. I think this was the beginning of the V11 line.

Whether or not this one is genuine, I don't know.

Tin Can
21-May-2013, 09:35
I am not in love with Deardorff, but I like this camera's appearance, lens, shutter, handle, bellows and finish. If I was in the market, I would surely buy it, for use, not history.

I have found that seller to be a straight shooter.

Jim Galli
21-May-2013, 10:06
Ken Hough's V11 page (http://deardorffcameras.0catch.com/v11/v11.html) mentions them. The non front swing and the bulkier way the back is with the latches is a big hit for user folk. I think the original intent was for the marine to unlatch the back after focus and replace with a plate affair that had vacuum flattening?? Anyone sure. The back on the camera in the sale doesn't appear to be a Deardorff product. Some other old 1114 back cobbled onto the latching piece.

On my 1960's V11 the 1114 back is just like a giant V8 back.