View Full Version : old 4x5 color polaroid film?

Earl Gadberry
17-Jun-2004, 13:53
I'm working on my thesis and discovered the results I'm looking for by using old (4-6 yrs.) color polaroid film for a 4x5 film holder . I would greatly appreciate ANY info on where to obtain at least 2 packages. Thanks Earl Gadberry earlgadberry@yahoo.com

Eric Rose
18-Jun-2004, 09:30
Ok, you've got my interest. What "results" have you achieved using outdated Polaroid film that you find workable?

James Driscoll
18-Jun-2004, 21:01
The stuff is all over EBAY....hell you can find 20 year out of date polaroid on EBAY.

If you really want some....I have a case of type 79 that expired in 1998. It has been fridged...but the color has REALLY shifted....and if you want two boxes.....email me. If you send me postage costs....you can have two boxes.