View Full Version : Nikon SW 150mm, Schneider SSXL 150mm fair prices?

21-May-2013, 06:09
What would be a fair price for the above lenses?

These are equivalent to 75mm on 4x5 right?

Gem Singer
21-May-2013, 06:41
Yes, a 150SW on 8x10 is equivalent to a 75 on 4x5.

KEH presently has a Schneider 150SSXL listed at $2,199, in EX+ condition.

I sold my Nikon/Nikkor 150SW a few years ago for $1,200.

Don't know if those are "fair" prices, but they are market prices.

Are you buying, or selling?

21-May-2013, 16:19
Potentially looking to buy. I am looking to setup the arca 8x10 with a lenset on the wide end. But will also have to buy a wide angle bellows to utilise full movements and they are $1000 new and rare as hen's teeth used!

8x10 equivalent 4x5 lengths of 75-90 and 120-135 would be a nice start....it's essential that they have lots of movements.

Gem Singer
21-May-2013, 17:16
Look into the Nikon/Nikor f5.6 240W. Check with KEH.

Equivalent to a 120 on 4x5.

You probably won't need a wide angle bellows.

22-May-2013, 05:19
I have the fujinon 240a but would like more coverage...