View Full Version : How is "double coating" in pt/pd

20-May-2013, 21:59
In Platinum and Palladium printing... when I double coat the art paper; does it mean coat and let to dry and coat again? Or just pore and coat and pore again and coat?

21-May-2013, 01:02
TRY both and check for any difference.
Compare with what you get with single coat.

21-May-2013, 02:48
It means let it dry between coatings

21-May-2013, 07:53
For Platinum and Kallitypes I've pretty much always double coated with a brush. I would get much better blacks where before it could look a tad spotty. I would put my first coat on one piece of paper and then move to another piece of paper and put the first coat on that. A couple of minutes later I would put the second coat on each piece of paper. Not dried but not right away.

This is for Kallitypes but I did the same with Platinum/Palladium:

"Many people double coat, which with some papers gives higher Dmax and richness in the shadows. If you double coat, wait for about five minutes after applying the first coat, and then repeat the process." - Sandy King


21-May-2013, 11:14
I tried some Arches from B&S and it came with the recommendation to use a little Tween to help the solution go into the paper -- or do a first coat with just distilled water. Not having any tween, I did a first coat with 45 drops (about 3ml) of water, waited about 5 to 10 minutes, then coated with the iron and Pt/pd salt solution. Worked great.

So it would be interesting in doing a comparison with pre-coating with water vs a double coating of the iron/pt/pd salts.

Jim Noel
21-May-2013, 14:42
It means let it dry between coatings
Yes, dry in between coatings.