View Full Version : 8x10 Efke

20-May-2013, 13:38
Well, I finally did it. Developed 8x10 film. Efke 100, R09 One-shot 1:25, 3 sheets in a Jobo 3004, hand-rolled pretty slowly and slightly "wobbly". Came out absolutely flawless. What a sight... Just thought I'd share this with all of you.

20-May-2013, 13:54
Congratulations. An 8x10 negative is a beautiful sight, isn't it? I suggest you buy a motorized drum roller (Beseler, Unicolor, Cibachrome, etc) to avoid the tedium of hand rolling--they run about $20-$30.

20-May-2013, 14:02
Seems to me that the "wobbling" part contributes to evenness of development, but that could just be me. Also, I modified yet another spare Expert lid, this time with an 800ml cup, to get the developer hitting film and rotation at the same time, and I don't mind the hand-rolling part much. With Mr. Waits' music in the background, it's done in a pinch. But, yeah, what a beauty... Got to do something about an old, cranky and already rusty L 184 waiting to get life & light put into it again!