View Full Version : Develop 4x5 tmax with tmax developer ?

19-May-2013, 17:48
Can I develop 4x5 tmax100 with tmax developer or do I need tmax rs developer ? I have a full gallon of tmax developer which has never been opened.
If I shouldn't develop 4x5 tmax100 with tmax developer, whats the difference between the 2 developers ? I've done quite a bit of reading of the 2 developers
but can't quite figure it out ? I'm probably reading right over the answers ?


19-May-2013, 18:48
Apparently you need TMAX RS. There's a thread here about it:


20-May-2013, 16:16
thanks for the thread. Now it makes sense . Any one in need of a gallon of tmax developer ? :) thanks--tom

Drew Wiley
20-May-2013, 16:20
TMax develops in any conventional developer, including just about any pyro developer I can think of. The TMaxRS developer is a fine one for sheet film, and will
give a straighter-line characteristic curve than D76 or HC110, at least among Kodak branded developers. But there's nothing weird about TMax films which prevents
you from experimenting with all kinds of developers. I prefer PMK pyro myself.

20-May-2013, 17:46
I should have also said that I did develop 2 sheets of tmax with 2 sheets of arista edu.100. They were each shot with same settings. I then developed all 4 sheets in a rotary tank, using d76 diluted 1:1.
The tmax had greater detail in the shadow areas than the arista. I figured if the tmax did this well in d76 that I should try tmax developer. ! I tried pyro once, with sub par results--it had to be me, for other folks are
getting superb results. Been quite a while ago I tried it, but think it was 515 ?

20-May-2013, 18:39
I've used regular T-Max developer with no issues with this semi-stand development technique (http://www.kehblog.com/2013/04/t-max-semi-stand-development-process.html).

In normal use, I don't think it'd be all that much different.

Jim Jones
21-May-2013, 06:18
I've long used T-Max developer diluted in distilled water for tray developing sheet T-Max with no problems.

21-May-2013, 16:42
thanks Jim & Corran, think I will try developing a sheet of tmax in regular tmax developer.