View Full Version : Question about Technika Reflex Photometer

19-May-2013, 11:45
For those who might be interested or in the know: ePay has this unusual item on its auction block. Since I've never heard of the device but am interested in all things Linhof, I was wondering if anyone out there knows what this is and/or could explain how it works. Assuming its valuable, could it also fit onto a TK? THANKS!

Bob Salomon
19-May-2013, 13:55
It is a darkroom item as the description explains. So if you want to use it in the darkroom with TK negatives it will work.

It is not used on the camera and from what I remember it does not have Technika in its factory description.

19-May-2013, 15:18
Thanks for the clarification. That explains why there are no takers.