View Full Version : Are Pouches New for Heliopan Filters?

Andre Noble
19-May-2013, 09:13
I finally received a gorgeous 105mm Heliopan RG715 B&W Infrared Filter from B&H (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ntt=105mm+rg715&N=0&InitialSearch=yes&sts=ma&Top+Nav-Search=). It came in a stylish leatherette pouch, rather than the customary square clamshell case. BTW, the filter was EXPENSIVE - consider it a once in a lifetime purchase - knock on wood.

Question may be Bob, don't you think the square plastic case offers more protection than the leatherette pouch? I am missing something. Not a big issue just thought I'd ask.

19-May-2013, 10:17
yikes. for that much $$ It should have it's own Pelican case.

Bob Salomon
19-May-2013, 13:57
No, Heliopan uses boxes for sizes up to 86mm - unless the front is too large, and pouches for all larger sizes.

23-May-2013, 00:27
B+W has the rigid plastic box you need. 105mm is just the bigest size they make. I use bigger pouches for larger filter size and had no problems with them, but I would prefer plastic rigid boxes.
Just for info:

Oren Grad
23-May-2013, 06:02
I bought a Schneider center filter IIId recently - similarly large, with 82mm inner and 105mm outer mount - and that one, too, came in a pouch rather than a plastic case.

JW Dewdney
26-May-2013, 20:40
I bought the last Heliopan filter I own in 97 or so - it was in a leather pouch then... but it could well have been the larger size as bob pointed out. I defer to bob in all instances of his own product info of course...

John Schneider
26-May-2013, 21:46
In the past, the pouches were genuine leather. In the early days of eBay I bought a set of 122mm Heliopan filters, and all came in (rather large) leather pouches. I would prefer hard plastic cases in the field, but I've never seen any bigger than B+W's 105mm.

Atul Mohidekar
26-May-2013, 22:44
Hi Andre,

It would be very interesting to see pictures of a scene taken with and without this filter.

Are you planning to use the filter for B&W or color photography?

// Atul